Behind the Scenes: Something To See

Exhibition about cinema
Project Type:

274 sq. m

50 items

Gorky Film Studio
Scope of works:

Interpretative planning

Exhibition design and Creative direction

Design concept and architecture


Gorky Film Studio
November 2023 — February 2024
The project team:

Julia Napolova

Sophia Averina

How does cinema work and what kinds of film professionals exist? Our project ‘Behind the Scenes: Something To See’ for Gorky Film Studio seeks to answer these questions. 

Cinema is a fascinating and complex world, like a theatre or museum, where various forms of art combine. Our project allows viewers to take a behind-the-scenes look at how ideas become reality and the most daring are brought to life.

The exhibition’s space is divided into two sections by a long corridor, which resembles a red carpet. At the end of the corridor, there is a projection of actual footage from Soviet films. The project has several sections on all stages of filmmaking: casting actors, lighting, sound, costume design and more. Among the exhibits, there is a photo-test of the iconic Soviet series ‘Seventeen Moments of Spring’. A separate section is dedicated to special effects and augmented reality filming.

The main color of the exhibition is red. Specially for this project, graphic designs were created inspired by the sets of the film ‘Dogville’ (2003), directed by the Danish director Lars von Trier. The navigation and commentary on the ground aid viewers in navigating the space. For each section, illustrations have been prepared in the style of Herluf Bidstrup cartoons. Here, the main figures from film production, from directors to their assistants, are presented as cartoon characters.In the comic book format, viewers can see how the magic of cinema gradually appears. 

The filmography of the Gorky Film Studio reflects the history of our country and its ups and downs. The exhibition presents works not only from the 1950s and 1970s, but also modern films, which allow visitors to feel continuity between generations.