St. Petersburg International Economic Forum — 2017

Project Type:
Expo decoration

More than 5000 sq.m.

Scope of works:

Exhibition design and creative direction

Graphic design

Expoforum, Saint Petersburg
January – June 2017
The project team:

Julia Napolova

Tatyana Skovorodina

Nikolay Onishchenko

SPIEF-2017 is the first case of general cultural integration into venue deisgn. Our team decided on the Russian avant-garde for the principal theme. It is a world-renowned art movement, which is clearly associated with Russia as well. It organically matched the international scale of the forum.
We worked on SPIEF unified design in collaboration with the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum. The overall concept implementation took eight weeks. We created mosaic panels with recognizable fragments from Malevich, Popova, Rodchenko, Ekster, Kliun and Baranov-Rossine paintings. Avant-garde artworks as well greeted the guests from spectacular panel in the central arcade. Such mosaics not only brightened up the venue, but also set the tone of the forum.