Nonviolet exhibition

About the problem of domestic violence
Project Type:

100 sq. m

20 items

Olga Simonova
Scope of works:

Interpretative planning


Exhibition design and Creative direction

Graphic design

Project management

March 2022 — July 2022
The project team:

Julia Napolova

Alina Ovsyannikova

Julia Volkova

Maya Nesterenko

Nonviolet exhibition / Нефиолетовая выставка is a project about  domestic violence. The exhibition includes artworks of six artists, who studies and reflects trauma experiences from different perspectives.

In a number of European languages, the violet color associates with violence because the wordsplay. However, in Russian violet has different meaning. We say ‘everything is violet’ meaning indifference. With this project we wanted to say that we do care a lot, we are not cold or untouched to violence happening. We strongly believe that art could and should reflect difficult topics and create a platform for dialogue. 

‘The fates of the heroines of the exhibition show that it is possible to survive violence, but at the cost of incredible efforts, with non-healing scars in the soul and on the body,’ emphasizes curator of the exhibition Elena Krylova.

The exhibition was inspired by Olga Simonova, the creator and author of the telegram channel ‘How to Move On’ and her personal story. Olga is a heroine of ‘Why Do Women Kill?’ documentary and a photo project by Moscow-based photographer Aksana Lisovskaya. Nonviolet exhibition / Нефиолетовая выставка includes drawings by Ruslan Mellin, photo project by Alice Gokoeva, installations by Julia Napolova and Max Otto and prints by Yulia Tsvetkova (03.06.2022 entered by the Russian Ministry of Justice into the Register of Foreign Mass Media Performing the Functions of a Foreign Agent).