Incredible India

A Look From Russia
Project Type:

920 sq. m

400 items

Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve
Scope of works:

Interpretative planning

Exhibition design and Creative direction

Design concept and architecture


Graphic design

Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve
December 2021 — June 2023
The project team:

Julia Napolova

Alina Ovsyannikova

Arta Gevorkyan

Maya Nesterenko

‘Incredible India: A Look From Russia’ exhibition — an immersive journey delving into the Indian heritage and its enigmatic allure in Russian culture, spanning centuries from the 15th to the 20th.

This exhibition unfolds in the eight halls of the Great Palace of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve. Each hall represents a separate chapter, revealing various aspects of Indian culture. Here you can find ancient artifacts and sacred texts, sharp daggers and mysterious jungles, colorful saris and vibrant carpets, and even an elephant.

Our design seamlessly weaves together form and function. Neutral-toned walls provide a sophisticated backdrop, complemented by accentuated niches that draw attention to key pieces. A central vibrant volume serves as a striking focal point, while its unconventional geometry adds complexity and intrigue, offering visitors a non-linear and captivating journey through the exhibition.