Art vs. Nature

Decoys in table setting of 18-19th centuries
Project Type:

300 sq.m.

130 items

Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve
Scope of works:

Interpretative planing


Work with museum collections

Exhibition design and Creative direction

Tender documentation

Project management

Graphic design

The Tsaritsyno Palace complex
April 2016
The project team:

Julia Napolova

Alena Busygina

Ivan Vetrov

Appearances are deceptive — and the new exhibition in Tsarytsyno Museum-Reserve proves it right. For it explores the variety of artistic deception — nature-like tableware patterns. Such genre was extremely popular in oil painting, murals and even in porcelain sculpture. The main trendsetter in this respect was the Meissen porcelain manufacture. It produced porcelain tableware decorated with natural patterns of lemons, artichokes, cauliflowers, asparagus, grapes, strawberries and flowers. Sometimes the tableware itself represented different types of «naturalias»: bowls, oilcans and vases shaped like melons and watermelons, cabbages and asparagus beams.

Our intention was to avoid hackneyed artistic solutions, especially when it comes to porcelain exhibitions. Here we combine nature with manmade art; we emphasize artistic deceptions through the comparisons with nature. Thus famous Meissen porcelain neighbors flowers and plants from Tsaritryno arboretum. Such vicinity highlights how artistic expression can compete with the nature itself.